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The time is 12:30 a.m., and my phone beeps with a text message alert. I had been without service for 9 hours while at a concert with a friend and the messages were still trickling in. (For more about that story, see this post.) A number I don’t recognize reads, “We have your Labrador dog.” While ransom thoughts fleetingly pass through my head, I look down at the foot of our bed where our yellow dog, Daisy Duke, sleeps comfortably and I say to husband, “Um, honey, did you lose Daisy earlier?” “Oh, yeah.” He replies groggily, “She ended up down the street with some of the neighbors, but I found her.” “Ah ha,” I reply. “I guess it’s okay to ignore this text then,” I smile as I crawl into bed, taking one last peek at Daisy before laying down.

Daisy hears the sound of her name and perks up, ears alert, ready and listening. Oh, her humans were just talking about her, not to her. She can go back to sleep. As she drifts off to sleep her thoughts wander to the new humans she met that day. Her lady human, the one they call mommy, left early, leaving her and the little humans with that one they call the babysitter. Babysitter wasn’t too interested in playing so she slept until the little humans woke up from their naps. The little humans always loved to play, so Daisy loved it when they woke up. Oh boy! She loved playing with the little ones.

When the little humans awoke, they went out the back door to play. This was usually the only door the humans let Daisy use. Sometimes this bothered her because she could only go so far without running into walls on all sides. She could occasionally smell and hear dogs on the other sides of the wall, but couldn’t reach them.

Daisy loved playing with the older little human because she could move around a lot more than the smallest one. The smallest one mostly just pulled on Daisy’s ears but she still loved her. They ran around the yard forever and it was the best day ever!

After a while, babysitter called the little humans to say it was snack time. Oh boy, Daisy loved snack time! Her humans kept telling her to mind her manners during snack time, but boy she did love those treats the little humans dropped for her. After snack time, her favorite human came home, the one they called daddy. Oh boy! She loved daddy, he played rough and he would take her out front, not just out back like the mommy and the babysitter.

Daddy gathered up the little humans and went across to the neighbors. Daisy got to go! Oh boy! Daisy loved when she got to go! She loved seeing all the other people. Sniff sniff. She wandered around the yard nose deep in the grass for a bit, then peed. Other dogs. Pffft. Oops. Oops. She lost her humans. Oh! Found them! Daisy ran across the street. The other little humans threw her sticks! Her favorite! After a while, she laid down to rest.

What was that? She heard a noise! Squirrel! She took chase. After a while she lost sight of the furry animal but saw new humans! Oh, she loved new humans! Better go and say hello. “Well, hey there! Where’d you come from?” Said the first human as he reached down to pet her. Daisy tried to hug him, but he laughed and told her to “get down.” The humans were always telling her to get down. He grabbed a hold of her collar and said, “Okay, Daisy Duke, let’s see if we can’t find your family.” She liked those humans. They seemed nice. She decided to lay down for a rest.

Hey! Her humans! Daddy walked up pulling the little humans in the wagon! She looked up at the new humans to say goodbye and ran off to greet daddy. He talked to the new humans for a bit while Daisy licked the little humans, then they headed home. Oh boy! What a fun day! As she trotted home Daisy hoped she’d get to do it all again tomorrow.

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