Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Recap

I posted a challenge a little over a week ago to join me on a gratitude scavenger hunt to search for and record little nuggets of gratitude sprinkled throughout the day for seven days. I had so much fun during my week. Looking back, this was an ordinary week, but noticing all of these little nuggets made it feel extraordinary. Here is my recap of all seven days.

Day 1

Today’s gratitude moment happened this morning at the mall. My mother and I took my 3 and 1 year olds to the mall and we were in line for the carousel. When we got to the gate, neither of us had the right denominations of change to get tokens. The kind lady working the carousel allowed us to ride on an I.O.U. We rode the carousel happily around, then returned later with our tokens. Thankful that she was gracious enough to allow us to ride without having the proper tokens up front and avoid the drama of having to tell a three year old to wait.

Day 2

I had several gratitude nuggets from today. Couldn’t pick just one. Happy blessed Sunday.

  • When your husband brings home a deer to fill the freezer and feed your family and you get to prepare deer jerky.
  • When you think the water softener is broken but turns out all you had to do was regen it.
  • When you think you’re out of coffee only to realize it’d been displaced and you get to enjoy your cup that much more.
  • Yelling at your three-year-old and feeling guilty, then seeing her comfort your one-year-old and realizing you must be doing something right.
  • When your kids are screaming and tired and you’re about to pull your hair out, then it’s nap time. They go to sleep and you just stand in the kitchen breathing in the peaceful silence.
  • When a lunch turns into three hours of fellowship and laughter with great friends.
  • When your husband finds your favorite poster you thought you’d lost in the move.
  • When you get to end the day with popcorn for dinner while checking out that amazing super moon through the window.
Our much used and much loved little popcorn maker
Our much used and much loved little popcorn maker

Day 3

A few little gems today, but one stands out the most. JERKY . . . and flowers. ❤

  • When you break out your food dehydrator and thank your parents again for the gift that keeps on giving year after year.
  • Sneaking first tastes of the season’s homemade deer jerky.
  • Listening to your three-year-old singing in her room during ‘nap’ time and you want to get upset she’s not napping then catch yourself singing along. “For the first time in forever…” and you’re no longer upset because you’re singing.
  • When you sneak another piece of jerky and get some stuck in your teeth so you have to eat another piece to dislodge it.
  • Getting discouraged by the news then stumbling upon this gem of a video of bugs and flowers to remind you that despite the ugliness, there is endless beauty (no matter how small) to be appreciated in this great big world.

Day 4

  • Watching your three and one-year-old girls having a tea party with their baby dolls and being amazed at them growing up right in front of you.
  • When the vinyl cover peels off your old card table and you suddenly recognize the HUGE decoupage potential and get excited to start that project.
  • Getting lost in thought while washing dishes then you look out the window to see your three-year-old chasing butterflies. ❤
  • Sharing stories and laughs with great company over dinner.
  • Taking time to put your feet up and read after the kids are in bed.
Little chasing butterflies
Little chasing butterflies

Day 5

  • Time to relax with other moms in casual conversation while the littles play.
  • Going to Chic-fil-A and getting free books in your kid meals!
  • Watching your 3YO comfort your 1YO, so you chime in and say, “That’s right, baby. Your big sissy’s got your back.” Then the 3YO bends down and kisses her baby sister on the back and says, “Yeah. I got your back, sissy!” ????????????
  • Looking down from your writing to find a chalk handprint on your leg.


  • Ending the day relaxing in front of the fire pit and trying to keep your dog from catching on fire again. ????


Day 6

  • When your children cooperate with long synchronized naps so you can nurse a migraine.
  • Getting to open doors and windows and play outside on this beautifully warm fall day.
  • Time to laugh with family.
  • Watching your 3YO click with a puzzle she’s struggled with.
  • Bonding time with Auntie.
  • Relaxing and losing track of time with husband during a patio party for two.


Day 7

  • When you break your own rule and let your 3YO watch her Kindle in your bed to steal some extra sleep.
  • Filling your grocery cart while your kids share a snack peacefully.
  • Getting deliciously full at the local pizza joint with family.
  • Catching up with a great friend while watching an adorable children’s theatre rendition of Alice and Wonderland.
  • Watching your 3YO step out of her shell to meet the Cheshire Cat for a photo op.
  • Ending the day feet up, TV on, hanging with hubs.


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