Daisy Duke Meets Little

Daisy paced back and forth, impatiently brimming with anticipation. It had been three days and her humans still weren’t home. They sent the other humans they called mom and dad to watch Daisy. Daisy didn’t understand why her humans had been gone so long. She did like the one they called dad, though, because he played fetch with Daisy. Daisy loved playing fetch! But after fetch, he would tell Daisy to get back in her pen, and then he would leave again. Daisy crawled into her house and laid down. She thought she’d take a nap, and maybe her humans would return when she awoke. Continue reading “Daisy Duke Meets Little”


Happiness Key No. Four, The Art of Selfishness

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Hello. Katie Wheeler here with week four of my five keys to happiness video series. If you missed the previous three weeks when I talked about perspective, choosing your thoughts, and the magic of less, you can catch up on my Facebook page under videos. Thank you for joining me for today’s happiness key, the art of selfishness. Continue reading “Happiness Key No. Four, The Art of Selfishness”


Want to read my latest short story? It was just published by Short Fiction Break literary magazine. Read it here and let me know what you think in the comments!

Then, if you like it, please consider sharing it with your friends on social media. There’s also a reader’s choice voting going on now through January 4th, so if you like it, please vote for it on at the bottom of this page. My story is titled, “Juniper.” Thank you!


Happiness Key No. Three, The Magic of Less

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Hello, Katie Wheeler here with week three of my five keys to happiness video series. Thank you for tuning in this week for the Magic of Less. If you missed any of my previous videos on this topic, you can find them on my Facebook page under Videos. The last two weeks I spoke about perspective and choosing your thoughts as the first two keys.

This week’s key to happiness is the Magic of Less. This means slash some things from your life! Less stuff, fewer commitments, fewer expectations, fewer rules, less frustration, less stress. Continue reading “Happiness Key No. Three, The Magic of Less”

Five Keys to Happiness, Key Two, Choices

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Hello! Katie Wheeler here, coming to you live with part two of my five week video series on keys to happiness. Thank you for tuning in today to key number two, choices. if you missed last week’s video, you can find it on my Facebook page under videos.

This week’s post is about choices and how tuning in and choosing your thoughts can affect your happiness. Something happens, and we feel a certain way about whatever happened. Feelings happen so automatically that we don’t often realize the internal choice we made that caused our feelings. We assume whatever happened caused our feelings. Someone said or did something, a news story set us off, etc. Continue reading “Five Keys to Happiness, Key Two, Choices”

Keys to Finding Happy Part One, Perspective

Keys to Finding Happy Video Series Part 1 of 5

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Good afternoon everyone. This is Katie Wheeler coming to you live today to talk about my keys to finding happy.

One of the questions I get asked is how am I always so happy. The answer is a combination of factors which can’t be summed up in one post, so I’m breaking this into a five part video series on my keys to finding happy in the midst of an ordinary life. This is part one containing the first key, perspective. Continue reading “Keys to Finding Happy Part One, Perspective”

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