Hello. It’s Me, Autumn


Hey there. You there. Yes, you. Do you smell that? As you walk outside your door and take in that scent? That’s right. One more time. Do you feel that? That break in the summer heat?

That’s me, Autumn.

I know you enjoyed the summer fun, but I’ve been anxiously waiting to get here. Yes, you may feel a pang of sadness at the thought of the sun setting sooner, saying goodbye to curbside popsicle breaks and the music of the ice cream truck. As the last swimming pool and sprinkler days pass, here I come in all my glory.

Hello there. It’s me, Autumn.


The days may get shorter, but what glorious days. As the leaves turn and my wind carries them to the ground so they may rustle under your feet allowing for leaf jumping piles and the sound of crunch, crunch, crunch as sidewalk travelers pass by with their coffee in hand. Popsicles and ice cream are replaced with candied apples and kettle corn, while hay rides and corn fields steal the show.

Summer crops make way for pumpkins and squash. The shelves explode with pumpkin-flavored everything and Halloween decor takes over the seasonal aisles of every store. Earlier bedtimes call as the back to school bell rings. And nights are spent cozied up before a warm backyard fire.


Summer festivals make way for fall festivals and pumpkin festivals. Heritage days and renaissance fairs take over the month of September so that October may have the haunted houses and fear fest. Then, when the pumpkins are harvested, the local brewers get busy making their annual batch of pumpkin beer. Jack-o-lanterns light the front porches for the trick-or-treaters making their way with their goody bags for treats.

Hello. It’s me, Autumn.

I’m bringing with me a season of delights. The festival days come to a halt as all the little ones get into costume for Halloween. “Trick-or-treat!” they shout as doors are opened wide, the anticipation of all that candy shows on their painted faces as they hold out their bags with delight.


As the candy supply weans, families make plans to gather together in Thanksgiving. The anticipation of seeing loved ones palpable in the air. Pie baking, turkey dressing, candle lighting, leaf blowing preparations make way for the arrival of family and friends. Bellies full and eyelids heavy, some nap on the couch while the littles jump around in leaf piles, and the air is thick with contentment whilst preparing for the first snowfall.

You’re welcome,

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Hi there! I’m Katherine, a former higher education professional turned housewife, blogger and entrepreneur. My blog is about finding happily ever after in the middle of the mundane, using gratitude and a positive mindset to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. I like to tell stories, so this is a collection of short stories, some true, some fiction, to hopefully inspire more happiness in this broken world.

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