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A Thanksgiving Prayer

After such a tumultuous year in the news, I wrote this prayer for all families in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. My heart goes out to all who suffered a loss, need healing, were divided by politics or other events this year. May these words provide comfort and hope. Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Prayer”

Round the Merry-Go-Round

Photo Credit: s8an Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: s8an Flickr via Compfight cc

I pull into the parking lot of the local park, put the car in park, shut off the engine and sigh. Is this even worth it? I wonder as I listen to the stereo cries coming from the backseat. Should we have come to the park today? Should we just turn around and go home? My mind flashes back to home this morning. Continue reading “Round the Merry-Go-Round”

When Toddlers Go Hiking


Recently my family went on vacation to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. On our first day we went on a hike with our two girls. The eldest is three, and the youngest is almost one. Since we had only one off-road stroller, we placed the baby in the stroller and had the three-year-old walk. We were a few minutes in, and I was wishing the eldest was in the stroller. All she wanted to do was play in the red sand and rocks along the pathway. I kept nudging her to move along telling her there was more to see.

Continue reading “When Toddlers Go Hiking”




She double-checks her reflection yet again, judging herself, wishing she could look like the model on the magazine she has haphazardly lying on the floor. She frowns at the fat rolls she can’t smooth out under her sweater. She thinks if only she’d tried harder in P.E. maybe she could look more like the other girls, Continue reading “Reflections”

This Small-Town Life


I’ll admit. I was skeptical when my husband suggested we move to a small town. I grew up in a college town, so I was used to the busy hustle and bustle of student life. Plus, I’d worked at a college campus, so there was always tons to see and do. When my husband suggested we move to a town with a population that was one percent of the size I was used to, I wasn’t so sure about the idea. “Really? I don’t know,” I’d said. And, I was new at being a stay-at-home mom. What would Continue reading “This Small-Town Life”

Headlines Got You Down?

Despairing businessman at his desk
Despairing businessman sitting at his desk in his office resting his forehead in his hands as he considers the hopelessness of the situation

So it happens. I click on the news channel and hear headlines like:

Somewhere there was a mass shooting; a police officer killed someone; someone killed a police officer; a politician did something unfavorable; people were killed in a terrorist attack . . .

What? That’s a depressing start to the day. The problem is this is nearly every day. How on earth am I supposed to keep up on all of these happenings without feeling hopeless and depressed? I’d love to say it’s as easy as stop watching the news. HA! Doesn’t work. I still see it. I read the headlines in my news app. Plus, I can’t exactly Continue reading “Headlines Got You Down?”

Making Ripples

A man is shot.
A child cries.
A mother weeps.
A widow mourns.

Over the blood of the fallen the masses collide;
judging, yelling, spewing, hating. Another man is shot.
Citizens mourn. A brother weeps. A sister sighs.
More hatred, more masses collide. Continue reading “Making Ripples”

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