Daisy Duke Meets Little

Daisy paced back and forth, impatiently brimming with anticipation. It had been three days and her humans still weren’t home. They sent the other humans they called mom and dad to watch Daisy. Daisy didn’t understand why her humans had been gone so long. She did like the one they called dad, though, because he played fetch with Daisy. Daisy loved playing fetch! But after fetch, he would tell Daisy to get back in her pen, and then he would leave again. Daisy crawled into her house and laid down. She thought she’d take a nap, and maybe her humans would return when she awoke. Continue reading “Daisy Duke Meets Little”


Labs Are Easy to Potty Train They Said


So it is when you adopt a puppy, or in our case, when your puppy adopts you, the first thing they say to do is potty train. Labs are easy to potty train, they said. Use plenty of positive reinforcement, they said. I went to the pet store and read the book on labs, asked Google about 100 times. Same thing. Labs are easy to potty train. They respond well to positive reinforcement and kennel training. They do not like to dirty their own space. Well, I hate to be too cliché and say that our Daisy is unique but … um, she’s unique. Continue reading “Labs Are Easy to Potty Train They Said”

Welcome Home, Princess Buttercup


In telling the story of Daisy Duke it would be unfair to start anywhere except the beginning.

Once upon a time there lived a yellow Labrador puppy. She lived in a kennel with her brothers and sisters and had no name. She hoped one day to have a family to adopt her and take her home. She dreamed of home. It seemed like a nice place, home. Had a good ring to it.

Meanwhile, about an hour away, Continue reading “Welcome Home, Princess Buttercup”

Follow That Squirrel!


The time is 12:30 a.m., and my phone beeps with a text message alert. I had been without service for 9 hours while at a concert with a friend and the messages were still trickling in. (For more about that story, see this post.) A number I don’t recognize reads, “We have your Labrador dog.” While ransom thoughts fleetingly pass through my head, Continue reading “Follow That Squirrel!”

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