Preserve Your Happiness in a Toxic Environment

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our world was full of shiny happy people who loved their jobs? Imagine a place where everyone goes to work smiling every day, briefcase in one hand, Starbucks in the other. Friendly elevator banter is shared between Billy and Sally during the morning walk to the office and they laugh and high-five over their latest project completion.

I’m sure somewhere this takes place. And perhaps this is you, or was you at one point. You used to enjoy getting up and going to work every day. It excited you. The challenge inspired you. You were surrounded by like-minded individuals who helped motivate you and bounced ideas off you. Together you got stuff done. You left each day with a feeling of making a difference, of feeling accomplished. Continue reading “Preserve Your Happiness in a Toxic Environment”


Secrets of Empathic Leadership


It’s late in the day on a Thursday. You’re already running late for your umpteenth meeting of the day and your employee walks into your door with another problem. Great. Just what you need and don’t have time for. You try and brush your assistant off by telling him you have another meeting but he hesitates. So you ask “what is it?” He tells you he has a problem with the copy vendor. You say, “well, deal with it!” and storm out. As similar encounters happen, you continue to blow him off getting frustrated that he doesn’t know how to problem solve these issues. After a few months you notice his performance is slipping, and he’s reserved and hesitant around you. You get more frustrated wondering whether he’s going to get with it or if you’re going to have to let him go. Maybe. Or maybe Continue reading “Secrets of Empathic Leadership”

How to Succeed When Your Boss Doesn’t Play Fair

Photo Credit: Paul Wicks via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Paul Wicks via Compfight cc

In the beginning, you got along great. Your boss had this way about him, a gregarious personality that drew you into his stories, ideals, and goals. Yet, as time went along, you began to realize something. Everything was about him. You noticed he shut down your ideas only to present them two weeks later as his own. When things went right, he took all the credit and when things went wrong, he threw you under the bus. Continue reading “How to Succeed When Your Boss Doesn’t Play Fair”

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