Life Lessons From My Wild Child

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Yesterday evening as my 18-month old daughter walked into the living room, whole jalapeño sticking out of her mouth ready to take a bite, I let out a gasp as the realization hit me that our chopping block island was no longer out of her reach. My mind wandered to the knife resting near the veggies where she reached up with chubby little fingers and selected the jalapeño instead. As I asked her to hand mommy the jalapeño, I made a mental note adding to the ever-growing list of hazards I have come to worry over our second child – our wild child. Continue reading “Life Lessons From My Wild Child”


Round the Merry-Go-Round

Photo Credit: s8an Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: s8an Flickr via Compfight cc

I pull into the parking lot of the local park, put the car in park, shut off the engine and sigh. Is this even worth it? I wonder as I listen to the stereo cries coming from the backseat. Should we have come to the park today? Should we just turn around and go home? My mind flashes back to home this morning. Continue reading “Round the Merry-Go-Round”

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