Happiness Key No. Five, Forget Happiness, Choose Peace

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Hello everyone. Katie Wheeler here coming to you live with week five of my five keys to happiness video series. If you missed any of the previous four weeks when I talked about perspective, choosing your thoughts, the magic of less, and the art of selfishness, you can catch up on my Facebook page under videos. Thank you for watching today’s key, forget happiness, choose peace. Continue reading “Happiness Key No. Five, Forget Happiness, Choose Peace”


Create Your Own Peace in a Noisy World

Photo Credit: TP studio via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: TP studio via Compfight cc

I’ve learned that being a parent is a noisy job. I’ve been a mom for nearly three years, and most days the noise doesn’t affect me. The toys, the banging, the laughing, the screaming, the crying. I’ve become immune to it to a certain degree. Then there are other days I feel like the Grinch complaining about the Whos and all the noise, noise, noise, noise, NOISE! I feel like I must put a stop to all the noise. The popcorn popper, the V-Tech toys, the tantrum screams, the thuds as thrown toys hit the walls, the dog barking, seemingly endless cries of “Mommy!” Continue reading “Create Your Own Peace in a Noisy World”

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